Celebrate an occasion

Celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, other religious occasion or create your own occasion and help raise money to create a better life for children living with cancer and their families in Australia.

In memory

When a loved one or dear friend passes away, celebrating their life with a donation to a charity can help. It's a special gift that will honour their memory and help children living with cancer, and their families, celebrate each precious day they have.

Letting family and friends know before the funeral

If you would like to offer this special gift as an option to your family and friends at a funeral, we recommend you include this request in your loved-one's funeral invitations, death notice or obituary. Donation envelopes can be supplied for use at the service, and once donations have been received Camp Quality can write to the next of kin letting them know donations have been made in the memory of their loved one.

How does my fundraising make a difference?

Camp Quality has been supporting children living with cancer and their families since 1983.

We understand that having a child diagnosed with cancer can be devastating. A family’s world is turned upside down and the emotional, physical and financial impact can last long after the initial diagnosis.

Camp Quality believes that caring for children with cancer and their families goes beyond treatment and medication. That’s why we believe in the power of positive thinking, and that optimistic and resilient behaviours are fundamental psychosocial skills required for the cancer journey.

Our unique programs cover educational, financial, hospital and recreational needs and are delivered to thousands of children across the entire journey throughout Australia.

Camp Quality

Camp Quality believes every Australian child impacted by cancer should have every opportunity to thrive. We do this by providing innovative programs and services to develop life skills and strengthen the wellbeing of children aged 0-13 growing up with cancer, and their families.

For more information, visit https://www.campquality.org.au.

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